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The PISTON Console Xi3 Revealed

Modular mini-PC manufacturer Xi3 has revealed plans for its new PISTON Console due for release later this year. The incredibly small and upgradable PC will hit stores on Nov. 29 and will retail in the US for $999.

The PISTON Console houses a quad-core 64-bit processor running at up to 3.2GHz and 8GB of DDR3 RAM in addition to dual SSD connectors, an internal microSD card slot, 128GB SSD, 3 display ports, and 12 USB ports. The graphics chipset supports 4K resolution output. The network port will prioritize game data, allowing for smoother streaming for network based games while minimizing demand for secondary network activity.

The Xi3 PISTON Console

Because it’s PC based, the PISTON Console can support PC and web-based games and Windows and Linux programs and it’s compatible with all PC peripherals. The system can run either Windows or Linux operating systems allowing complete customization and personalization for the end-user. The PISTON also features the ability to install multiple operating systems on the same console.

The modular design of the PISTON’s computer architecture will enable gamers to easily upgrade the console. Instead of a single motherboard, the PISTON contains three small interconnected boards. Replacing one or more of the boards with an upgrade PISTON board will improve; processing power, graphical rendering capabilities, network throughput, additional connections and more.

The PISTON console will launch with preloaded games which will be announced at a later date. Additional details on the console will be released before its launch on Black Friday 2013.

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