The Prometheus Secret Noohra and support

the prometheus secret noohra and the games linux support

The Prometheus Secret Noohra developer is looking at support for Linux the games Windows build. Reaching out to
Ahavah Studio, we have some good news. A unique combining fast paced card combat on Steam. Along with exciting physics based platforming. Yeah I know, it sounds crazy right?

The Prometheus Secret Noohra is a labor of love. So for the the past three and a half years. Ahavah Studio has been working on a spellbinding 2.5D single player game. With gameplay that also has a difficulty twist. Which you face after being defeated. Dedicated to those battling their own darkness. While struggling to defeat their own demons. Fighting the good fight one day at a time.

Linux Support:

“I am definitely going to investigate a Linux build. Being solo things are a bit slow. And trying to get a build up for the Windows Store and Xbox has been problematic and time consuming. Which may give that a miss for a while. And look at challenges Linux holds.”

The games also developed in Unity 3D. So a Linux build seems very likely. No word on a release date yet. Since the Ahavah Studio is working on Windows content. But the fact that Linux is an interest. Well this could be the alt to the dying Artifact player base.

The Prometheus Secret Noohra features a fast paced magic card system. Also focusing on speed and simplicity compared to traditional games. With drawn out turns and crazy card deck management.
So the more you are defeated in the game. The greater chance a player has of gaining a Dark Trait. This will also empower card opponents.
You begin with a base deck in The Prometheus Secret Noohra to improve. Where you collect one card during each of the platform stages. Or be unlocking cards using tokens. Once you engage with darkness during a battle. There is no turning back. Since you are unable to exit and leave the battle. Forcing you to have to pay a penalty first.

The Prometheus Secret Noohra Gameplay (Windows, soon Linux)

Counters are used for each attack lane. So this helps increase attack and defence figures. A strategy from the opponent and spells will however decrease or nullify this. While Firestorms or tornadoes can be cast in The Prometheus Secret Noohra. This will destroy enemy cards from the playing field. Since the enemy can play a full health card. Which could secure a solid victory.
On top of this, you can earn spirit scrolls. Then carefully string up to 4 scrolls together. This will boost your fighting abilities during battles.

A token management system is an important part of The Prometheus Secret Noohra. Since this replaces a typical game inventory. This allows you to make decisions to gain as much edge as possible. Tokens can be collected throughout the game. Which can also be used to upgrade. Even trade or unlock to earn additional coins.
So by using these tokens. More hero characters can be unlocked. Coming from different time periods. Since each scale up provides the player with an increase in base health support.


  • Explore Ancient Worlds From Different Time Periods In Glorious 2.5D.
  • Magic Card System Featuring Fast-Paced Magic Card Boss Battles.
  • 100+ Cards Categorized Into Three Varied Classes
  • Orb Abilities With Multiple Upgradable Enhancements
  • 7 Level – Path Of Deeper Truths & 4 Levels Of Dark Traits
  • Local & Global Steam Leaderboards
  • 25 Steam Achievements To Unlock
  • Portals & Time Travel
  • 3 Male And Female Hero-Sets
  • Spirit Scrolls, Tokens, Levelling System, Unlockable Treasure Caves And Much More!

So if card games and platforming are your thing. The Prometheus Secret Noohra is available now on Steam. Developed in Unity 3D for Windows. While Linux support release is still unknown. For now, feel free to Wishlist on Steam.

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