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The Sacrifices interconnected games hits Kickstarter

the sacrifices with seven interconnected narrative games hits kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

The Sacrifices with seven interconnected narrative games hits Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Far Few Giants. Currently looking for support with the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With a pledge goal of £10,000 ($12,933 USD) by November 24 2020.

The Sacrifices is a collection of seven interconnected narrative games. While using cinematic mechanics and choices that matter. So that in each game, you’ll step into the everyday lives of a range of people. As they work their way through the toughest ethical moment of their life. Following the life of Adiar. Who is also a young refugee who enters the United Kingdom illegally.

The Sacrifices is a story experience. But also includes an innate relationship to the world in which it’s developed. As episodes continue to be created and released. Doing so in response to real events.
Over the course of the collection, you’ll play as a new character. Whose life is touched, briefly, but profoundly, by Adiar’s story. You have full control of the direction each scene takes. All the way down to how each shot is framed. As well as which choices you make.

The series begins with The Night Fisherman. Launching with acclaim at the forefront of’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality bundle. With a follow up by Episode 2, The Outcast Lovers. Previously described as “poignant and relevant”. With “a powerful execution of micro-fiction”. While Episode 3 now follows the story to London. Doing so during an intense scene of civil unrest.

The Sacrifices Kickstarter Trailer:

Antony de Fault, Director of Far Few Giants, said – “This time around, we’ve chosen to focus on civil action. Because of the real world’s increasingly f*cked elections. The misinformation, the voter suppression, the media monopolies controlling public opinion.”

“Our political systems are undoubtedly crumbling and corrupt.”

When discussing the Kickstarter campaign, he continued – “The world needs games like this right now. To deliver these stories as they should be told. We’ll need a small amount of support to pay for things. Like audio, localisation and sensitivity consultation.”

“In return, backers get The Sacrifices full collection. Wrapped up and reworked into a kind of ‘director’s cut’ in March. It’s going to have commentary, new features, and our first stretch goal is a Switch release.”


  • What do you fight for? – Confront your instincts with real world sad political issues.
  • Lights, camera, action – With full control over the story’s timing, angles and direction. So you can shoot the story your way. Framing each character as you see them.
  • Take it all in – Lose yourself in breathtaking, surreal colours, and impressionistic art. All in a beautiful original score by Richard Campbell.
  • A glimpse into their lives – Each self-contained game takes only 10-20 minutes to play.
  • Go with your gut, make the choice – What do your decisions say about you?

As a result, the The Sacrifices Kickstarter will assist in refining these stories. Offering players the opportunity to own the full collection. Along with adding content and insight into their production. With Episode 3 available for free next month.

The Sacrifices full collection is due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming to both Steam and So be sure to check out the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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