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The Savvy Gamer Bundle out for Dying Light

the savvy gamer bundle the games skin pack releases for dying light on linux mac and windows pc

The Savvy Gamer Bundle the games skin pack releases for Dying Light on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Techland. Available with support on both Steam and Humble Store.

The new skin pack released for Dying Light – The Savvy Gamer Bundle. Which is a gamer themed skin pack, along with an explosive new 4th of July event.

The Savvy Gamer Bundle gives players a chance to unleash their inner nerds. Since you can wield DIY gamer gear themed weapons. Wear a sick RGB LED outfit and burn rubber in a brand new 1337 buggy skin.

Forged in the depths of Harran in a pro-gamer’s residence. The bundle features unique, deadly, and vibrant makeshift gaming items. Which are due to pwn hordes of the most deadly infected. After all, nobody is better prepared for a zombie outbreak than gamers.

Dying Light – Savvy Gamer Bundle Trailer

The Savvy Gamer Bundle full list of new skins available are as follows:

  • RGB AXE-Pad – a one-handed axe with added shock damage on consecutive hits.
  • Next-Gen Maul – an epic two-handed hammer that deals shock damage during charged attacks.
  • Bow – “LED Meta Bow”
  • Player Outfit – “1337 G4m3R Outfit”
  • Buggy Skin – “4wheelz”

Starting 7:00 PM CEST, July 1, till July 11 – the 4th of July event. Which also celebrates American Independence. While giving players the opportunity to let loose with fireworks. Putting The Savvy Gamer Bundle to use. You will have to kill 50 infected with fireworks and get a random Gold Melee Weapon. The global objective is to kill 10,000,000 infected with fireworks for the prize of 3x King Mods. Players can collect five fireworks from the Quartermaster per day.

The Savvy Gamer Bundle skin pack is available on both Steam and Humble Store. Including support for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, priced at $2.99 USD.

Additionally, until July 8 gamers can pick up Dying Light at a reduced price during the Steam Summer Sale. The Standard Edition will also be available at 66% off. The Enhanced Edition will be discounted by 70%. And the recently released Platinum Edition (The Savvy Gamer Bundle is not included) will be an epic 75% cheaper. What are you waiting for!?

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