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The Shadow Government Simulator out now

the shadow government simulator turn-based strategy game launches on linux mac windows pc

The Shadow Government Simulator turn-based strategy game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the ongoing efforts of developer Chupacabra Game Studios. Now live on Steam with Positive reviews.

The Shadow Government Simulator launches on Steam. Games Incubator after several very good premieres of their games. Such as Animal Shelter, Car Detailing Simulator, and Ship Graveyard Simulator. As a result, the CEO of Games Incubator Marek Przyński decided to sign up a new publisher deal with Chupacabra Game Studios. Doing so at the beginning of April 2022. After the well-received Prologue of The Shadow Government Simulator, the full version of the game is live, on Linux.

The Shadow Government Simulator is a turn-based strategy game. One where you, as a player, lead a secret society toward world control. To achieve this you have to search and find the influential. Then convert them to your faction via bribery, seduction, and fear. Reshape society’s power structure to fend off rival societies. Control the world’s nations in your quest for power.

The Shadow Government Simulator – Release Trailer

The game is inspired by old classics like Plague Inc. and modern gems like The Shrouded Isle. The Shadow Government Simulator is a test where you infiltrate nations. Then find their networks of power and reshape them to fit your agenda. Every action you take matters on a global scale. When you enter a new nation, you’ll be alone with just a headquarters available to you with minimal details. You’ll find their traits and personalities, earning the knowledge of their weaknesses. As well as how to best convert them to your side.

The Shadow Government Simulator turn-based strategy game launches on Steam. The game is also priced at $8.99 USD / £6.47 / 7,37€ with the 10% launch discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. You can also test out the Demo available on Itch, should you choose.

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