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The Subject and Inner bundle releases

the subject and inner bundle releases for linux and windows pc on itch

The Subject and INNER bundle release for Linux and Windows PC via Thanks to developer DarkStone Digital. While celebrating the completion of DSD 3 day game jam. Which resulted in the title INNER. Which runs quite well via Wine.

So both The Subject sci-fi horror and INNER are on for $6.99 USD DRM-free. Plus each game also has a sale. Since I already own The Subject. Picking up and testing INNER via Wine works perfectly. Just launch the game with “wine Inner.exe” and voila. Which is largely due to the Wine friendly Unity 3D engine.

About The Subject
The Subject is a sci-fi horror puzzle game. Gameplay also takes inspiration from classic puzzle adventure titles. Reflecting back to the 80’s sci-fi. Where the player is a prisoner purchased from a commercial prison auction. While used as a test subject for an experiment at BioMass labs. So the player must learn the complex and solve puzzles. And avoid the monster roaming the halls.

The Subject Trailer for Linux and Windows PC

Investigate your memories. Connect them together with items from your past. While you solve the missing pieces to the puzzle.
However, there is one memory haunting you in the dark corners. Since your mind can be more real than reality. Which is also somewhat saimilar to The Subject. But gameplay uses a top down perspective.

INNER – New Game Trailer for Windows PC (works via Wine)


  • Search for hidden objects within the dark halls
  • Collect pieces from past memories to solve the game wide puzzle
  • Avoid the ghost that follows you. And also haunts your memory world (similar to The Subject)
  • Light the corners of your mind as you solve the puzzle and stay safe longer
  • Uncover the truth about the creature that haunts you

INNER is the result of a 3 day game jam live on Twitch. The game jam and project itself were created to try and capture the feeling of a horror game. But doing so without using first person perspective as a tool for immersion. This time focusing on atmosphere and tone. While delivering a darker feeling.

The Subject (Linux, Windows PC) and INNER (Windows PC). While bundle release with a discount, priced at $6.99 USD on

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