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The Subject releases the horror of Linux support

the subject releases the horror of linux games support

The Subject releases the sci-fi horror puzzle title in Linux games. Thanks to DarkStone Digital for the good news. Announcing native support on Steam. And the games reasonably priced too.

Linux Support:

I have been testing The Subject on a lower end machine running Ubuntu. And have fixed all known bugs. So I’m happy to say that The Subject now on Steam supporting Linux. Now that this task is complete. Support for The Subject will slow down a tad. As I work on two new projects.

The full development post is on the official website. While it is a pleasure to finally see Linux support.

The Subject combines a classic puzzle adventure. Along with horror elements.

So in the games story. It’s 2194 and humanity populates the entire galaxy. As our existence expands. Crime becomes harder and harder to control in the vast reaches of space.

As a result, laws became more strict. While government attempt to wrangle the issue. Releasing a growing police force over many years. The reach of law enforcement grows larger and more aggressive. The general population, simply wanting to feel safe. Growing more accepting. The first profit run prison systems take form.

The Subject now on Linux

So now, nearly one hundred years later. It’s 2290 and imprisonment is common place in The Subject. While supporting a blind trust in the commercial justice system. While finally landing every day people in jail for years. Doing so for even the smallest offences. Creating a huge divide between the idea of prisoner and person. While hundreds of commercial prisons thrive. Along with law enforcement companies.

This also devalues prisoner lives. While the massive prison bottleneck gives birth to an auction system. Where anyone can purchase prisoners. Doing so for any use free of legal consequence.

So as The Subject you need to learn to navigate the complex. Find your way to the various puzzles. Taking place in the experiment. While you discover the reason behind the testing.

Theerefore, you are always being monitored. Doing so by those running the tests. You are also required to visit a bio-data terminal regularly. Recording your vital signs and other data for record keeping. If you fail to do so, you will be removed from testing by euthanization.

The Subject releases on Steam, priced at $9.99 USD. Since Linux now has support beside Windows. The games also on, but only for Windows.

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