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The Talos Principle gets Vulkan boost in new update

the talos principle gets vulkan boost in new update

The Talos Principle is one of the two Linux games that use Vulkan, so news of the game being #updated is no surprised. Even more interesting is the #performance increase according to Reddit user dvorakazertyqwerty.

The Talos Principle just updated the Vulkan beta and I gave it a try.
Xubuntu 16.10 with 370.28 drivers (see below for Arch with the latest Nvidia driver):
– benchmark results –

Gfx API: OpenGL

  • Duration: 188.5 seconds (13093 frames)
  • Average: 69.5 FPS (72.8 w/o extremes)
  • Extremes: 645.6 max, 4.9 min
  • Sections: AI=5%, physics=1%, sound=1%, scene=76%, shadows=14%, misc=3%
  • Highs: 1005 in 7.3 seconds (137.8 FPS)
  • Lows: 1330 in 33.4 seconds (39.8 FPS)
  • 30-60 FPS: 18%
  • > 60 FPS: 81%

Gfx API: Vulkan

  • Duration: 180.3 seconds (14982 frames)
  • Average: 83.1 FPS (85.2 w/o extremes)
  • Extremes: 635.3 max, 13.4 min
  • Sections: AI=6%, physics=1%, sound=1%, scene=71%, shadows=17%, misc=4%
  • Highs: 972 in 9.3 seconds (104.9 FPS)
  • Lows: 2023 in 30.3 seconds (66.7 FPS)
  • 30-60 FPS: 1%
  • > 60 FPS: 99%

How freaking awesome is this!?

What is this sorcery!
I’ve just tried with the latest Nvidia drivers 375.10 on Arch using Gnome and my mind is blown.

Gfx API: Vulkan

  • Duration: 182.9 seconds (20053 frames)
  • Average: 109.7 FPS (110.9 w/o extremes)
  • Extremes: 523.6 max, 7.1 min
  • Sections: AI=8%, physics=1%, sound=1%, scene=68%, shadows=16%, misc=5%
  • Highs: 195 in 0.9 seconds (214.3 FPS)
  • Lows: 248 in 5.1 seconds (48.4 FPS)
  • > 60 FPS: 100%

The Talos Principle developer Croteam just released a new beta update and the change log reflects these results:

QuoteNew features:

  • Added support for latest ATi and nVidia cards.


  • Improved stability and performance on Vulkan API.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues with fullscreen rendering on Vulkan on Linux.
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting the game.

If you are getting similar results, leave a comment below and let us know how it works for you. It looks like Vulkan programming has undergone some real work and now show advantages over the traditional OpenGL.

Croteam are really impressive as developers, both in supporting Linux and progressing with the latest Vulkan capabilities.

If you have not watched the Vulkan talk from Steam Dev Days 2016, it is highly recommended:


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