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The Uncertain: Episode 2 coming Q3 2017 including Linux

the uncertain episode 2 coming q3 2017 including linux

So developer Comon Games has confirmed that The Uncertain: Episode 2 is in the making. The somewhat recent New Years #update outlines the teams plan. While adding further professional talent to the mix, the team #highlights their plans for 2017. Considering the #release of Episode 1 has Very Positive reviews on Steam. Therefore does not fall into one of those disappointing games of 2016.

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The promises we are prepared to make would be rather brief. In 2017 we are planning to release The Uncertain: Episode 2 as well to port the first episode to mobile devices.

The Uncertain was coped with a difficult process that included infestation of bugs at the beginning of the development, sleepless nights and crashed servers before release. Everything was crumbling at the next-to-last moment, assembled at the last one, and visa versa. However, having pushed the release date twice, we were able to release The Uncertain on two platforms. And we haven’t stopped there: the work on Episode One continues, we add more localization options and expand the list of available platforms. In 2017 the list will be supplemented by mobile devices with IOS and Android, as well as Linux and perhaps 7th and 8th generation consoles.

And last but definitely not the least, in Q3 2017 we will release The Uncertain: Episode 2. We have been listening to you very carefully the whole time – our community – and have talked to you. We will continue to do so, because we believe that you are the ones to help us make the next episodes as memorable as possible. Thank you very much for your support and stay tuned! There is more interesting stuff to come!

So being that we will see native Linux support for The Uncertain: Episode 2. It appears the developers have had their share of issues. Hence a crashed server does not help a games release. Therefore the saving grace here, Comon Games pay attention to the community and continue to updates Episode 1.

What is The Uncertain about?

So imagine making moral choices in a world devoid of morality. Logic rules this world, and every decision is just a set of zeros and ones. Most concepts take a whole new meaning. Whie some get completely abolished. Luckily reasonable beings, even if not human, always have a choice.

The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day is an episodic story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the first episode you see it from the perspective of an engineering robot RT-217NP. Who seems to be very curious about the human race, long extinct in wasting wars. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations. Test your skills, solving diverse puzzles. Make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you.

The Uncertain features:

  • Classic 3D Adventure with unique story
  • Beautiful graphics and immersive atmosphere
  • Original indie soundtrack
  • Made using NVIDIA GameWorks HBAO+, DoF and FXAA technologies

So being that have yet to get into The Uncertain: Episode 1 gameplay. There are no first-hand account details or how long to finish it. But I have to admit, the price on Steam is better than fair. Since the game is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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