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The Universim 1.0 now officially launches

the universim 1.0 of the God game now officially launches on linux mac and windows steam deck playable

The Universim 1.0 of the God game now officially launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows, but is Steam Deck playable. Developer Crytivo’s creativity and hard work has made a significant impact. Available with a discount on both Steam and Humble Store. Not to mention those Positive reviews.

Let’s to talk about Crytivo’s latest milestone, The Universim 1.0. It’s not just another title hitting the market; it’s a celebration of dedication, creativity, and the culmination of a decade-long journey.
Yes, ten years in the making and the full God game is finally here – the 1.0 update on Linux and Steam Deck. This is huge for anyone who’s been following its journey since the early days on Steam Early Access. Now this adventure takes off into a whole new chapter.

So, what’s all the attention about? First up, space age – it’s not just a phrase here. The Universim is taking us beyond the skies, into a 1.0 universe brimming with uncharted planets. Each one’s a mystery box; you’ve got everything from icy worlds to lava-infested terrains. While having the thrill of setting foot on these alien landscapes, each with its own set of surprises.

But it’s not just about going from one planet to another. The update brings in something new, the planet cracker. It adds a whole new layer to how we interact with these worlds. And for those who like digging deep into tech, the update also offers a beefier research tree. More tech means more ways to play and explore.

The Universim 1.0 Full Release Gameplay Trailer

Now, let’s talk language. The Universim 1.0 is breaking language barriers with official support in Simplified Chinese, German, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. This means more players around the globe can jump in and experience this journey in their native tongue. That’s a big win for exclusivity!

The narration’s gets a massive boost too. We’re talking over 600 new voice-over lines! This isn’t just about adding flavor; it’s about making The Universim experience more immersive and informative in 1.0. Imagine having a narrator who doesn’t just entertain but also keeps you in the loop about your civilization’s status.

And for those who like a good story, the update offers a complete, engaging storyline. Since it’s not just about building and exploring; it’s about discovering your place in this vast universe. But the fun doesn’t stop when the story ends. The universe is endless, and so are the possibilities.

With half a million Steam Wishlists and over 6,000 very positive reviews, The Universim 1.0 launch isn’t just a hit; it’s a phenomenon. This update is the culmination of a decade of hard work, passion, and creativity. It’s more than just a release; it’s a milestone. For Linux and Steam Deck fans old and new, this is a chance to dive into a universe that’s alive, evolving, and waiting for you to leave your mark. So, get ready to embark on this epic journey in this God game and shape the destiny of civilizations across the cosmos via Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $22.49 USD / £17.24 / 20,99€ with the 25% launch discount.