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The Universim gets a Pumpkin patch today

the universim gets a pumpkin patch today in linux mac windows games 2017

The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre. Also the games actually playable now for a select few. And yes this means Linux and Ubuntu support in 2017. As well as Mac and Windows. The concept being, The Universim into the new generation with fresh ideas. The player has the power of god. So you with the powers of a god, you are to evolve your civilization. Ensuring they rise through the ages under your careful guidance. Yet everything in The Universim revolves around dynamic gameplay.

the universim gets a pumpkin patch furry mammoth on linux mac windows

Since this is true with the latest Pumpkin Patch. Which is now available on Steam. The games seen quite a few improvements, balancing and some new introductions. Which are far to many to explain in detail. Yet there are significant additions, like pets, both a Fire Fox and a Furry Mammoth. I mean who wouldn’t want a furry mammoth as a pet, right?
There is also a new quest, “Punish my Nemesis”. And finally a refactored cemetery. So the Gravedigger will now take action much more quickly. Since they are also a Pyre Manager, able to dig up old graves or re-use spaces.

the universim gets a pumpkin patch fire fox on linux mac windows

Also the new pathfinding system can solve almost all issues regarding AI. Since the little nuggets were hitting their heads into the wall or were so lazy. Or even standing on the same place, just chilling. Aside from improving the pathfinding system, this should solve the Nuggets AI. So the system is 4 times more accurate than previous one.

The Universim Pumpkin Patch overview with Alex Koshelkov:

Balance Changes and Improvements:

  • Wood/Stone refineries will create a small demand for wood/stone if they are not full, forcing nuggets to harvest those resources.
  • Injured nuggets will be auto-replaced in a building if they are in hospital.
  • Transportation AI improvement. All buildings should see servive (sooner or later)
  • Repaired AI. Now lower health buildings should be served first.
  • Decision AI (idle ai can be interrupted at any point).
  • Adjusted auto assignment of nuggets. System should try and search for nuggets with required education level first.
  • male/female birth ratio.
  • construction priority builders assignment.
  • farmer AI, it will go harvest even if it has next critical AI (thirst, hunger, etc.)

Also, The Universim will be coming soon in 2017 for Steam, GOG and Humble Store. The games going to be playable on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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