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The Universim patch brings the Modern Age

the universim patch brings the modern age for linux mac windows games

The Universim releases the Modern Age in the games new patch for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is available now on Steam Early Access. Since the developers are now stepping up the experience. Moving into to the long awaited new age.

While developer Crytivo are coming into the Modern Age. This also includes a number of sleek new buildings. All available for players to try out.
Therefore expect more performance and quality of life improvements. There is just so much more to discover now.

Since The Universim officially moves into the Industrial Era. Otherwise known as the Modern Age. There are a number of new buildings added to the game.

The Universim in the Modern Age:

  • Intro to the Modern Age
    The first batch of Modern buildings have made their way into The Universim. Try out the new Glass Factory, Cement Factory and Chemical Factory. Also new Hot Air Balloon, University, and Modern Age Pump. That’s a lot of factories. But what else do you expect from the age of industry?
  • Medieval Magic
    As a fond farewell to the Medieval Era. Crytivo are adding in entirely new stone decals and roads. Also new clothing and vegetation to beautify your quaint village. You’ll likely notice the addition of some fitting music in The Universim. While you tap foot to as you float about.
  • Quality of Life Improvements
    There’s plenty to be found in this patch. Crytivo have a better Crime/Happiness panel. At least for the sake of clarity. Reworking the Shift system to make it more customizable. Allowing appropriate workers to defend the city from attacks. Also adding Italian and Czech to the game as official languages, and more!


Just to be sure everyone stays on side. Ministers can be assigned using the Town Hall. Since each Minister will be responsible for a certain industry within your civilization. Available for those buildings that perform functions to that industry.

So for example, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Water. They will ensure that there is enough food and water for everyone. If not, they will automatically designate workers in The Universim. While constructing more sources of food and water. Such as Farms and Water Pumps. This will be a great help to you as your civilisation grows. That way you avoid have to manage every little details. Along annoying things that shortages bring.

And within a few more patches. Crytivo will begin looking to the stars for new adventures. Adding more content on Linux, Mac and Windows. You can also check out the full patch notes here.

Also, if you’ve been playing The Universim for a while. Make sure to drop a review on Steam. Crytivo is always looking for more positive feedback. And reading comments about the gameplay. And since The Universim is discounted on Steam. It’s time to fire it up on Linux.

Don’t forget to join Crytivo on Discord to chat to the devs and community.

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