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The Universim releases in Early Access today

the universim releases in early access games today for linux mac windows

The Universim releases today on Early Access games for Linux, Mac and Windows. A release that aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre. With a new generation of fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay now on Steam and Humble Store.

The Universim is a singleplayer all about the powers of a god. Start from humble beginnings, watch as they evolve and advance throughout the ages under your wing. Influence decisions and punish the unfaithful with a wide range of godly abilities.

Players will also interact with objects and create disasters. While launching clueless creatures into orbit. Since this is your world, nothing can stop you from having fun. So raise your civilization through the ages, under your guidance.

Therefore it’s time to Meet the Nuggets of The Universim. A fragile and whacky species that relies on your leadership to build, research and advance. Since it’s up to you to help them to begin writing their own history.

Also every Nugget is a unique individual with a distinct set of characteristics. So just like any other living creature, Nuggets must have access to a few vital resources in order to survive. This includes water to drink, food to eat, recreational activities to increase their happiness and quality of life. Recreational activities may include blowing stuff up. But.. you’ve been warned.

The Universim – A Nugget’s Story Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Take care of all, from simplest to most complex, needs of Nuggets and ensure that they are happy.
  • Decide where new buildings should stand. And which ones to erect within The Universim.
  • Aim to have as many kids as possible so that your civilization lives long and prospers, buildings do not fall down and all illnesses are cured.
  • Lead your lieges from stone age to space travels showing your good heart or ruling with an iron fist.
  • Enjoy the beautiful graphics like never before in god-games!

Early Access releases:

The Universim is available on both Steam and Humble Store priced at $29.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows with a 10% discount. There is a GOG listing, but this only includes Windows and Mac support.

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