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The Very Positive Sale includes great games

the very positive sale includes great games for linux mac windows pc

The Very Positive Sale releases on Humble Store and includes great games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. That there some epic discounts for your Steam library.

So to start off with, the Humble Bundle team up with some fine developers. Offering much better prices on games for Linux. And some that are also best played via Proton from The Very Positive Sale.
Such as Slime Rancher, Slay the Spire and FrostPunk with a 50% discount. The same thing also goes for Monster Prom and Chroma Squad. Which I am pleased to see in this sale.

The Very Positive Sale (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

the very positive sale includes great games for linux mac windows pc list

Do keep in mind, this is NOT the latest bundle. The Very Positive Sale is a list of 32 great titles.
If you do now own Skullgirls the game is discounted 70%. The same with the Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade. Now is the best time to buy it.
This War of Mine – Humble Delux Edition is 75% off. Since this includes a Steam key and soundtrack. Plus a digital poster, 3 art cards and 5 wallpapers. You know, if you’re also a fan of the game too.

The Trine Enchanted Edition is also in The Very Positive Sale. Practically giving the game away at 85% off. All of the Mount and Blade games have a 60% discount right now. And of course Moonlighter enters with 50% off. Topping thing off with a 75% savings for Beat Cop.

Redeem your keys from The Very Positive Sale. All of the content is available on Steam. This gives you a few choices. That is if you do not already own most of these. Games like A Hat in Time are included as well. A game that plays well via Proton. While TimeSpinner is apart of the mix, but not a huge price reduction.

The Very Positive Sale launches in the Humble Store. The sale will also be live until Monday, July 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

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