The Walking Dead Season 2 – Episode 3: In Harm’s Way Screenshots

The Walking Dead Season 2 – Episode 3: In Harm’s Way has finally seen the light of day in four brand new screenshots. #Telltale has stated it will have more on the #releasedate for the PC, Mac, Linux, consoles, mobile, and tablets in the “very near future.”

Clementine and her latest group of survivors find themselves taken prisoner by another gang, and of course, zombies are making a mess of things as well as one dude who enjoys using a walking talkie for a weapon.

It took two and a half months between releases for Episode 1 and Episode 2, but Telltale says that release windows will be slashed to a month or a month and a half for each episode from here on out. I’m still baffled by how quickly Telltale can turn out these games so quickly with all the programming and writing it has to account for in carrying over crucial decisions.

The Walking Dead Season 2 – Episode 3 will be released soon for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, iOS, Ouya, PC, Mac and Linux.

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