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The Watcher releases for Slay the Spire

the watcher releases for slay the spires on linux mac windows pc

The Watcher releases in Slay the Spire for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While developer Mega Crit Games continue to expand gameplay. Available now on Humble Store, Steam and GOG.

The Watcher – 4th Character

The Watcher is the 4th Character in Slay the Spire. Arriving to evaluate the Spire. She also brings her training in the divine stances. Due to her seeing staff to cast judgment upon the wicked Spire spawn.

Like the other characters. The Watcher certainly comes with her own set of cards. Plus a handful of unique relics.

Potion Lab

There are also many potions this time around. So now there is a whole separate screen. This allows player to view all the potions. Hence the Potion Lab. You can find this in the Compendium section of the main menu. Due to this change, you can look up the rarities of all the new and existing potions.


Patch 2.0 brings many changes to the game besides The Watcher. This includes a heap of changes to balance the game, content, UI and effects. Along with some improvements for modding support. So things like the Mod compatible with V1.1 will likely need to be updated. Hopefully this will continue to work for V2.0. Update those mods!

If you need help with updating or want to get into modding yourself. Be sure to visit the #modding channel at the Slay the Spire Discord Server.

Slay the Spire with The Watcher has evolved into a unique game. Fusing card games and roguelikes together. While creating the best single player deck builder available. Craft a unique deck and encounter bizarre creatures. Then discover relics of immense power, and quest!

Mega Crit Games also extends a huge thanks to all the players. Those who helped test The Watcher (4th character) on the beta branch. All of that feedback, data, and reading various discussions. Really helped the team test new ideas and fine tune the character faster.

Slay the Spire along with The Watcher character is releases on Steam. Available with a 50% Sale for a couple more hours. Or you just buy the game on Humble Store, or GOG. Check it out on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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