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The Way of Wrath counts down the last 24hrs

the way of wrath kickstarter counts down the last 24hrs for linux gaming mac and windows pc

The Way of Wrath Kickstarter counts down the last 24hrs for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thank to independent developer Animmal and almost 900 backers. The crowdfunding campaign is definitely funded, offering late bird discounts on the higher tiers.

An epic tactical RPG full of hexes, curses, and shaman powers. The Way of Wrath, counts down the last 24 hours of its successful Kickstarter campaign. Due to release on Steam and GOG. And certainly passing the funding goal of $27,499 USD (€23,000), currently $37,543 USD (€31,401) and climbing.

The Way of Wrath has already reached a number of community goals. While racking up pledges towards the stretch goals that include pets, real-time combat, and others. The developer has also introduced a Late Bird 30% discount for all the highest tier rewards. This includes Mythic, which grants a lifetime cameo appearance for your created character. Coming in any type of media covering The Way of Wrath universe.

The Way of Wrath Kickstarter Trailer

The Way of Wrath is a story driven tactical RPG. Gameplay features turn based, dynamic combat and a non-linear world where your decisions matter. Taking place in a pseudo historic Bronze Age. The carefully hand crafted wintry landscapes of The Way of Wrath bristles with shamans, superstition, and dark rituals. Players have the task of uniting a war torn army of nomads. While preparing for an impending enemy onslaught. So forge your destiny as a tyrant, trickster, or noble leader. But remember, with every action there are outcomes.

The Way of Wrath’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign now and support the game by backing the project in exchange for select rewards. In support of Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

Stay up to date with the development news by adding The Way of Wrath to your Steam Wishlist. Visit the official website, joining the Discord community, and following the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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