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The Way of Wrath RPG campaign announcement

the way of wrath story driven rpg campaign announcement for kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

The Way of Wrath story driven RPG campaign announcement for Kickstarter supporting Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to independent developer Animmal. Inviting player to sign up for their coming crowdfunding campaign.

Today players can sign up for thenew Kickstarter page. For a new story driven turn based RPG, The Way of Wrath. Doing so ahead of the crowdfunding campaign in Q1 2021. The game takes you on a chilling journey through a shamanistic world full of mystery and danger. Designed to be a love letter to masterpieces like Baldur’s Gate, Zelda and Deus-Ex.

Prior to the Kickstarter launch, Animmal will be hosting a range of community events. While offering a chance to win exciting merchandise for The Way of Wrath. Plus the opportunity to get involved in important game design decisions. The developer is planning a number of streaming sessions. During which they will work with the community to design in-game assets. Including easter eggs, characters, weapons and even a quest. The community will also be able to vote which Kickstarter stretch goals. Known for active community engagement, Animmal also has a number of update videos and sneak peeks. So you can check into the development lined up. As well as rewards throughout the whole Kickstarter campaign.

The Way of Wrath RPG Kickstarter Announcement

According to the Steam FAQ, the release is coming to Linux and Mac. However, due to the game coming to Early Access first. There will only support Windows PC during that time.

The Way of Wrath is a story driven tactical RPG. Due to feature turn based, dynamic combat and a non-linear world where your decisions matter. Journey through a carefully handcrafted landscape. While carrying out quests and interacting with NPC’s. Each with their own interactive storylines influenced by the choices you make. Constant environmental hazards, scarce supplies and vicious enemies. These are only a few of the disasters you will face as you work to rebuild a rundown fort. Trying to maintain the morale of the troops in the face of an oncoming enemy onslaught.

Sign up today and be notified when the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign goes live. The Way of Wrath is also due to make it’s way onto Steam and GOG. The story driven RPG campaign will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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