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The Witcher 3 might come to Linux if SteamOS takes off

According to +CDProjektRED co-founder #MarcinIwiński, the reason The Witcher 3 has not yet come to Linux – and the reason that the studio currently has no real plans to bring it to #Linux – is the ever-present problem of platform fragmentation. There might be a spark of hope for penguin lovers, though. Iwiński noted (from 1:29:16), should the Steam OS take off, there’s the very real possibility that we might be seeing Geralt of Rivia on Linux before much longer.

“One of the reasons we have not released The Witcher on Linux is that we most probably have to address five different versions of Linux and this is always terrible to support the quality of the games afterwards,” explained Iwiński. “The patches, the updates, and everything. If Steam will deliver a constant Linux environment, call it SteamOS or anything like that, we would love to have our games there because, you know, the more people play our games, the better for us.”

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