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These Doomed Isles to build and survive

these doomed isles game to have you build and survive on linux mac windows pc with a demo

These Doomed Isles game to have you build and survive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC with a Demo. Which is something new and unique from developer Triplevision Games Limited. Coming to Steam in Summer 2023.

Raise islands, build settlements, and survive waves of raiders. This also includes natural disasters and mythical monstrosities in These Doomed Isles. Which is a roguelike city building game launching in Summer 2023.

These Doomed Isles fuses classic god games with survival city building and roguelike deck builders. So you can craft your deck to raise islands from the sea. While you build settlements for your followers and help them survive. As famine threatens, forests burn, and raiders loom on the horizon.

These Doomed Isles | Play The Demo Now

A playable demo of These Doomed Isles is currently available to download on Steam. This is a Windows PC build, but plays on Linux via Proton very well. Which also comes with a tutorial.

Game Features:

  • Raise Islands – Craft a deck of cards to create land and place forests, rivers, mountains, and more. Bring the These Doomed Isles world to life with powerful cards, relics, and miracles.
  • Build Settlements – Build homes for your followers and carefully manage their requirements. Give them the tools they need to harness the power of the setting you’ve created.
  • Draw Cards – Manage the cards in your deck to ensure you can thrive (or, at the very least, survive) until the next harvest. Build your deck any way you want to find creative solutions to the tests that you’ll face.
  • Survive – Face increasing challenges as natural disasters scar your land and waves of raiders and mythical monstrosities attack from beyond the horizon. Learn from your failures and try a different strategy every time that you play.

These Doomed Isles has you build and survive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in Summer 2023. The game can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. Also, be sure to follow @triplevisgames on Twitter.

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