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They Are Billions – will a native release happen?

they are billions will a linux release happen via steam games 2017

They Are Billions is a strategy game that hit Windows in 2017, which could see a Linux release on Steam. The games set in a distant future. Where you build and manage human colonies after a zombie apocalypse.  So what’s the deal about a Linux release? Will it happen? And if so, when?

Linux release according to Numantian Games:

“Right now we can’t confirm about the Linux port. Though it was done for Numantian’s first title, Lords of Xulima. There are different challenges with They Are Billions to port it. However, we do know there is a lot of demand for it. So we are going to look into it once the game is finished in 2018.

The game’s engine is custom made by the development team. They built this engine from the ground up and first used it in Lords of Xulima.”

Numantian Games continue development via Early Access for They Are Billions in 2017. The custom game engine usually means development could differ slightly. While the developers use same engine for their previous title.
While no specific time frame or release date is given. The developers also acknowledge the Linux demand from the community. Expect good things in 2018.
Also, Lords of Xulima still has solid reviews on Steam for Linux with a 70% discount for the Winter Sale.

They Are Billions is all about strategy and not quick key commands. With the game’s pause feature, gamers are able to plan out their strategy. Also build and give orders to their army with no progression of in-game time. Since it only takes one zombie break through to end a colony. So meticulous strategy is crucial.

When They Are Billions has its official launch in 2018. The full Campaign Mode will be final. Since it is currently in development.
The object of the Campaign Mode is to build successful colonies. These connect to each other by a railway network. Little by little, as you reconquest the map from the Infected. The origin story of where the infection came from becomes available.
Between the two modes, gamers can expect limitless hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay.

They Are Billions Game Features:

  • Real-time Strategy with Pause Mode: In Pause Mode you can build your structures and setup commands for your army. This game is about strategy, not quick key commands.
  • Oversee a Colony: Build, Fight, Defend, and Gather Resources for your colony. Don’t let the infected take over!
  • Build an Army: Train and contract mercenaries to protect your colony and destroy the infected – unique mercenaries with their own set of skills and personalities!
  • Thousands of Units on the Screen: Defeat billions of zombies. The custom engine can handle up to 20,000 of the infected in real time.
  • 4K Graphics: Steampunk and Victorian Style Graphics. Dozens of units with more than 1,500 frames of animation.

Winter Sale 2017:

The initial price for Steam Early Access 2017 release is $24.99 USD with a 10% release discount. The same with Humble Store.

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