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Thief: The Dark Project inspired game called Covet coming to Linux and OUYA


Another game slated for release on OUYA at some point, possibly shortly after the console’s launch, is a game called Covet which is inspired by the Thief: The Dark Project game. Covet will be a multiplayer stealth game that will be released onto multiple platforms such as your browser, PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA.

The best way to describe the game is to post how the developer explains it:

Basically each player owns their own “Estate”. This estate is a direct representation of their wealth, and if it isn’t part of your estate then it isn’t counted towards the leaderboards. Estate creation is like a mix of Minecraft with advanced hexagons (like walls can go on sides of a hexagon) instead of cubes and games like Farmville. When adding a building block to your estate, you have to spend a few seconds (say 5) in order to make it a part of your estate. You can also add high value items to your estate (vases/ceremonial swords/banners/statues/etc) in order to increase its value. While building up your estate you are ALWAYS online in a public session.

At anytime while you build up your house (not if you are offline or at another house) any player may join your game and spawns on the outskirts of your estate. You don’t get a notification at all so you never know when thieves are around. Thieves can follow you, avoid you, blackjack you, etc. in order to gain access to your valuable items and bring them back to their own house. As a thief you can also pair up with friends to tackle the richest estates out there. The richer you are the more of a target you become.

As of right now there are no other details or even screenshots about Covet but we should be hearing more about it, and hopefully seeing some screenshots, in the near future. You can sign up for a mailing list to get updates regarding Covet right now though.

Top image from Thief: The Dark Project

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