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Thimbleweed Park big content update hits Steam

thimbleweed park big content update hits steam via linux mac windows games

So in a town like #ThimbleweedPark, a dead body is the least of your problems. Especially since the #games received a big content update. While the new version is available now on Steam, along with a Summer Sale discount. While also including support for Linux, Mac and #Windows.

Check out below and the tell-all blog post from designer Ron Gilbert for more details.

New In-Game Hint Line

Before there were walkthroughs and Let’s Plays, there were telephone hint lines: 1-900 numbers you could call when you were desperately stuck in an adventure game. They cost $2 per minute. Mom and Dad were not thrilled when the phone bill showed up. Ahh, the good old days.

Today Thimbleweed Park brings back this classic feature with the HintTron 3000. Dial 4468 (HINT) from any in-game phone to get context-sensitive hints for the part where you’re stuck. No more quitting out of the game to find a walkthrough! No more banging your head against the wall! Best of all, the HintTron 3000 is absolutely free — no outrageous phone bills from MMucasFlem!

More Chatter

With 16,000 lines of dialogue and 47 speaking roles, Thimbleweed Park was never skimpy in the voice department. But why stop there? As of today’s update, the four living main characters have even more to say!

Thimbleweed Park‘s lead actors recently returned to the studio to record a bunch of new conversations amongst themselves. Now when two playable characters are sharing the screen, they can talk to each other instead of awkwardly standing around. Why? Because enough players asked for it and the team thought it was a good idea. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

So normally the games priced at $19.99 USD. Thimbleweed Park is discounted for $15.99 as part of the Summer Sale on Steam. And since the games available for Linux, Mac and Windows too.
Therefore through to July 5, save 20% on the game called “deep and memorable,” by IGN,. While it’s “a joy to play,” by Game Informer and “one of the best games of 2017” by Ron Gilbert’s mom.