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Thimbleweed Park is coming in 2017 – latest dev news and screens

thimbleweed park is coming in 2017 - latest dev news and screens

With all the holiday hubbub, know that Thimbleweed Park is #ontrack for a Q1 2017 release — probably February or March. Hey, that’s pretty soon! The initial #launch will be on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One, with iOS and Android following a few months later.

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Why does this Thimbleweed Park news matter?

  • New screenshots: Thimbleweed Park is a deceptively big game. The stuff being revealed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. And because it’s so big, today Terrible Toybox are releasing some brand new views of this oddball town below.
  • Code lock & voice recording: When Terrible Toybox say Thimbleweed Park‘s almost done, they mean it. The puzzle challenges are in, the text is complete, the bugs are (mostly) caught up. For the rest of this month Ron will be in the voice studio while the illustrious cast records 16,000 lines. 16,000! That’s a lot of lines! Details of these milestones (and many more) are available on the dev blog.

So what the heck is Thimbleweed Park?

Oh, so you don’t have Thimbleweed Park on your radar? Sure, that’s cool. Terrible Toybox won’t take it personally. Here’s what you need to know:

A small town nestled in the shadow of an abandoned pillow factory. A corpse pixelating in the river. Two federal agents with ulterior motives. The case seems open and shut until you start peeling back the layers and realize that in a town like this, a dead body is the least of your problems.

This is not Thimbleweed Park‘s first mysterious death. The sheriff, the foul-mouthed clown, the guy dressed up like a giant slice of pizza — everyone in town has something to hide, including all five(!) playable characters. How do you get to the bottom of a mystery this big? For starters, you’ll have to put on your thinking cap, because nothing in the game is as simple as “use gas can on chainsaw.”

Thimbleweed Park is a dark comedy/mystery adventure from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the guys who basically invented graphic adventure games with LucasFilm’s Maniac Mansion. They still love point & click, and they want to remind you why you love it, too — or why you should start! No matter what you think Thimbleweed Park is at first glance, Terrible Toybox guarantee it’s not what you’re expecting.

Thimbleweed Park is so close you can smell it. And if it’s not one of your most anticipated games of 2017 yet, it should be.

thimbleweed park screenshot thimbleweed park screenshot thimbleweed park screenshot thimbleweed park screenshot thimbleweed park screenshot


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