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Thimbleweed Park completely funded on Kickstarter


Thimbleweed Park is the product of #RonGilbert and Gary Winnick, two names that should be familiar to any #LucasArts adventure #fans.

The pair described their new project as “like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before”, a pitch which clearly got its legs for the $375,000 Kickstarter already fully funded, one week from being announced.

“I am at a loss for words. The support has been overwhelming and it’s making us giddy,” Gilbert wrote in an update to backers. “Before launching this Kickstarter, Gary and I debated endlessly if people would want a game that felt like it was made in 1987. A game made at the beginning of the golden era of point & click adventures. I think we have our answer. All 10,000+ of them.”

The pair have announced a couple of stretch goals including more language options, mobile ports and voice acting, with others to come if thee is enough demand.