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Thimbleweed Park get Ransome Unbeeped

thimbleweed park get ransome unbeeped for linux mac windows games

Thimbleweed Park get Ransome Unbeeped the new DLC for Linux, Mac and Windows. The mystery adventure games available with five playable characters. So let’s face it: Ransome the Clown steals the show. Which is true. If only there was no colorful language censorship to protect your delicate eardrums.

So good news, get Ransome Unbeeped DLC for the low price of $1.99 USD. Remove those annoying beeps from Ransome’s dialogue. Since get to hear ear his lines as the artiste originally intended. *Beep* yeah!!

Exactly what can you expect from an uncensored Thimbleweed Park? Check out the trailer below. Which should also give you a decent idea.

Thimbleweed Park Ransome Unbeeped DLC (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Hey *beephead*! Ransome the Clown here to let you in on a little secret about Thimbleweed Park: this game’s developers are *beepholes*. They thought your sensitive ears wouldn’t be able to handle my *beeping* language. Well, I have two words for those *beepers* — “*Beep* you”!

So with the new Ransome Unbeeped DLC, players can now take on Thimbleweed Park in uncensored glory. Since this is not about new content, deleted scenes, or alternate endings. Which is not a *beeping* director’s cut. What you will get is the same great game with none of the *beeping* beeps drowning out all Ransome’s lines.

Since tou heard that right: pure, uncensored Ransome the *Beeping* Clown. Because let’s face it, even if he’s stuck sharing the spotlight with four losers. While still the real star of this *beeping* game.

How to permanently enable the Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC:

If you add the following line to your Prefs file. Which is also located in the same folder as your save games. The DLC is going to permanently enable all the content by adding:

  • forceRansomeUnbeeped: 1

~/.local/share/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

AppData\Roaming\Terrible Toybox\Thimbleweed Park

So don’t let those *beephead* developers call the shots! Grab the Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC and you’ll see that in Thimbleweed Park, *beeping* is the least of your problems.

Steam and GOG release:

Thimbleweed Park‘s Ransome Unbeeped DLC for Linux, Mac and Windows, available exclusively from Steam and GOG for $1.99 USD

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