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This is the Zodiac Speaking thriller seeks funding

this is the zodiac speaking first person thriller seeks funding for linux and windows pc with a demo

This is the Zodiac Speaking first person thriller seeks funding for Linux and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to developer Punch Punk Games. Which is looking to raise $13,000 USD by September 4, 2020 in this crowdfunding campaign. Already 25% funded since the Kickstarter just launched.

World fame is what This is the Zodiac Speaking developers are aiming for. Since Punch Punk Games (developer) and Klabater (publisher) are a couple of days into their Kickstarter campaign. Due to expand the community and scale of this extremely ambitious project.

This is the Zodiac Speaking is the creation of a team of award winning writers. As well as developers and acclaimed musicians. Due to arrive on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Of course, PC not only includes Windows PC, but Linux. Thanks to a recent confirmation by Punch Punk Games.

….the engine used is Unity 3D. And yes, you can expect the game to be ported to Linux.

This is the Zodiac Speaking is a fact based singleplayer noir psychological thriller. All focusing on the story of Zodiac. Who is also one of the most famous never caught serial killers. It mixes vintage ’70s California visuals and an original epic soundtrack. While gameplay elements include classic horror and investigation. Along with stealth mechanics and multiple endings to discover.
The first person thriller seeks funding for what? Gameplay offers two unique modes. One that blends storytelling with stealth action gameplay. While the other (Detective Mode) focuses on deep investigative storytelling.

This is the Zodiac Speaking Kickstarter Trailer

Play as San Francisco journalist Robert Hartnell. Robert receives a mysterious phone call from the serial killer Zodiac. Who greets him with the infamous ‘hello, this is the Zodiac speaking’. This single event also kicks off a series of events that will take Robert down a spiraling path. While he confronts one of America’s most notorious killers and…his own past.

You can certainly get a better feel for a game with a Demo. This is a Windows PC build, but runs fairly well using Wine. Just download the Demo from the Kickstarter page. Then run the game using “wine Zodiac.exe”. Also, be sure to tweak the brightness. This will impact the visuals of the game. The Settings do not really offer much in the way of visual changes. The Demo is playable and it’s definitely worth a look.

This is the Zodiac Speaking is a true American crime story. The Zodiac killer is part of American pop culture. And though this game is by no means a homage to serial killers. It’s a story about their victims and the people who survived,” said Krzysztof Grudziński, Director and Narrative Designer in Punch Punk Games “The selection of Zodiac is the backdrop we are using to tell a unique story about a troubled protagonist. A San Francisco local journalist Robert Hartnell. Who one day receives an ominous phone call. We look forward to sharing Robert’s story with you on September 24th. Regardless of the level of campaign’ success.”

This is the Zodiac Speaking Teaser

The co-author of the script to This is the Zodiac Speaking is Lukasz Orbitowski. Since he is one of the best Polish writers. Laureate of the ultra famous Paszporty Polityki pop cultural award. While being nominated for the Nike Award (most important literary prize). Orbitowski is certainly one of Poland’s most important horror authors. Together with Krzysztof Grudziński, Head of Punch Punk Games. They plunge into the dark and dangerous 70’s. Producing a deep and mature story.

Music for the game is the creation of AGIM. Who is a restless creator and designer of the Polish electronic music scene. The official soundtrack from the game will be published in Europe. By a legendary electronic music label, Pias Recordings. The amazing soundtrack prepared by A_GIM, an acclaimed DJ. Which instantly sparks to the interest among the Pias team. Pias is working with Klabater (the games publisher).


  • Discover the facts and evidence based story. Since this is America’s most famous never caught serial killer.
  • Experience the story from the side of a person who survives an attack of the serial killer. While facing your own trauma, and running an investigation. Leading you to the truth about Zodiac.
  • Unravel the details behind the murders. Visit locations inspired by the original crime scenes. Due to facing real psychological sessions. These will help you to manage your traumas in This is the Zodiac Speaking.
  • Reveal 3 alternative endings, all based upon your investigation decisions.
  • Enjoy the atmospheric film music and original retro inspired art style.
  • Travel to the vintage ’70s and feel the old school vibe. While visiting faithfully depicted California’s hallmark spots from the past.

This is the Zodiac Speaking first person thriller seeks funding does have a Steam page. So you can Wishlist the game now. But also consider backing the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Which is due to arrive on Linux and Windows PC.

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