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Thomas Was Alone's Benjamin’s Flight DLC comes to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC for free

Thomas Was Alone's Benjamin’s Flight DLC for free

Benjamin’s Flight, the former Playstation-exclusive add on episode for Thomas Was Alone, is now available for free on Windows PC, Mac and #Linux for owners of the #game.

“Benjamin’s Flight” landed on Steam, completing the free add-on content’s journey across platforms. Jetpacks make for lovely levels, Thomas couldn’t argue with that. Or “free,” he couldn’t argue with that either.

Now that Benjamin’s Flight was on PC, creator Mike Bithell would focus on his upcoming stealth game, Volume. What did that mean for Thomas? No more extra development? No more attention? No more love? Finally, really and truly, Thomas Was Alone.

The full game, which PC sales surpassed 1 million copies in April, can be purchased for 60 percent off as part of the Steam sale across all platforms.


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