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Those Who Came co-op RPG port is coming

those who came: healing solarus is a new co-op rpg coming to linux with windows pc

Those Who Came: Healing Solarus is a new co-op RPG game coming to Linux with Windows PC. All due to the efforts of developer Rolldbox Games. Which just released on Steam with a discount.

RolldBox Games is pleased to announce the full version of its sci-fi video game Those Who Came: Healing Solarus. A science fiction co-op RPG adventure component in which you must survive on a hostile planet while you save it. All this dealing with challenges and dangers that will require your lateral thinking. Using solo mechanics in the meantime or cooperating with up to 4 friends! The objective: cooperating instead of conquering. Healing instead of killing!

We already have the server part running under Linux and for the user app, we are going to work on it as soon as we can…

RolldBox Games RolldBox Games cannot commit to a specific date yet. But the Unreal Engine 4 game is indeed coming to Linux. It’s also a pleasure to see official Linux support for the servers. But do note, Proton support works very well.

Those Who Came: Healing Solarus – Official Trailer

You are one of the last Sainen, a strong and resilient species. One that also faced extinction after the collapse of their home planet. With the hope of surviving, you ran away from the cataclysm on board the Hermaion. This is the mother ship that preserved you in cryogenic state.

Two hundred years later, Hermaion detects a new suitable planet: Solarus. And thus your Those Who Came: Healing Solarus mission begins. Doing so after finding its people the Torek. Due to build a strong relationship with them and find out who is ruining their planet. While mastering the different paths of using the Energy to move through the setting. Equipping yourself with special suits to heal Solarus. And in the end, developing a new home.

Key Features:

  • 4 Energies at your disposal in order to move through Solarus: Choose your own style using the Energy with different shapers: Airy, Ether, Firei and Jointer.
  • Play solo or with a team of up to 4 friends! Inside Those Who Came: Healing Solarus is a campaign with plenty of challenges to stop Bineok and their experiment.
  • Explore and find the different suits to interact with the World. Due to restore life in Solarus to mold it into your new home.
  • The more you heal, the better the outcome: You could face the final test with much more advantages. As long as you take care of the planet.
  • Enjoy the Arcade mode where you can defy your friends in competitive arenas. The team who corrupts Solarus against the team who wants to heal it. But beware, the suits are limited! Seize the versatility of the 4 Energies using them in the most creative ways on your opponents and colleagues.

Those Who Came: Healing Solarus co-op RPG adventure is coming to Linux with Windows PC. Currently priced at $13.49 USD / £10.25 / 11,24€ with the 10% discount on Steam.

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