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Those Who Remain horror needs support

those who remain horror needs support in linux mac windows games

Those Who Remain is coming to Windows and Mac games, but needs Linux support. This is a psychological horror adventure from Camel 101. Coming this year to Steam. So we reached to the games developer, with interesting news.

Camel 101 is the developer behind survival horror, Syndrome. Encourages you to take another look at Dormont. The games small town in the USA.
Also the newest trailer for Those Who Remain. To both mesmerize you. And also remind you why you were afraid of the dark.

A thrilling horror puzzle-adventure game. Focusing on storytelling and suspense. Those Who Remain will also tell the tale of Edward Turner. An ordinary man with a troubling past.
While gameplay will have you avoiding the darkness. As well as the monsters that roam in it. Since it is up to you to stay alive until the very end. As you discover a story like you have never experienced.

Linux Support:

Those Who Remain is using Unity engine. So it should be possible to get it running on Linux.
We did not include Linux in the launch platforms. If we will do a Linux port. It will have to be done after release.

But to be honest, we are not getting much interest from the Linux community. We have many thousands of wishlists (on Steam). And from those, we have exactly 18 from Linux.
But as I said, things may change if we add a Linux platform to the store.”

So there you have it, Wishlist on Steam. The games release date is not available yet. Which gives the community time to show that Tux Love.
Since development is using Unity 3D. With enough support, we could see a Linux port. And quite honestly, I’m eager to see how the games going to stack up. Syndrome reviews are Mixed, at 67% positive.

Those Who Remain – Darkness trailer (Windows, Mac, hopefully Linux)

Edward Turner, arrives in the wrong place at the wrong time. He soon finds out that something is very wrong with Dormont. There are strange creatures roaming in the dark. Killing everyone that gets close. The only way to survive is by staying in the light.

The biggest threat in Those Who Remain is the darkness. There are monsters in it and you will die if you stay there for too long. The threat is always there, waiting. Which means you need to be aware about your surroundings and movement. Sometimes the lights will fail. Also forcing you to run. Find light sources to proceed through the dark paths. While avoiding monsters and travel between mirrored worlds to solve puzzles.
Try not to play into your own mind. Since not everything is as it seems in Dormont.

Those Who Remain will release in 2019 for Mac and Windows. With enough support, hopefully Linux too.

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