THQ on Red Faction: Guerrilla 2; Darksiders 2

red faction guerrilla and darksiders 2 coming to linux

Last year we explored who Nordic Games was following its $4.9 million acquisition of #THQ assets during the company’s liquidation auction; this year we wanted to know where it was going with all that loot coming to Linux. Regarding former THQ properties, the company is currently producing #Darksiders for Linux and Mac, with plans to release Darksiders 2 on the platforms in the future.

“A couple of months ago we had a team ready to start on Red Faction: Guerrilla 2. It’s still something that’s in the works,” said Nordic’s business and product development manager Reinhard Pollice. He expressed the plan fell apart because the person they wanted to hire still had other obligations. “We want to do it, we think it’s really good, but it’s not the right time. Obviously you need the right people and if one of the key people can’t join at the start then you need to postpone the start.”

The company is also looking to take another THQ game to mobile. “We are working with a partner on a mobile port of the original Titan Quest,” he said. Pollice went on to explain that given the mobile space, he’s not sure about pushing a premium product in an App Store full of free to play, but they’re going to try and figure it out.

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