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THREE KINGDOMS a horde style arcade mode

three kingdoms a horde style arcade mode for windows pc then linux

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS to receive a horde style arcade mode called Dynasty Mode for Windows PC, but no word on Linux support. Which we are hoping to see very soon from Feral Interactive.

Therefore, if you own Total War: THREE KINGDOMS on Steam or Humble Store. You can play the new horde style arcade mode on August 8th. But only on a Windows PC thanks to Creative Assembly. At least until Feral announces the Linux and Mac port. Which should not be too far off.

Since the dynasty mode brings a brand new free game mode. This new content for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is designed in collaboration with Intel.

So what is it?

The new horde style mode will have players test their survival prowess. While facing waves of enemies with ever increasing difficulty. But you will be uses an army made of only three hero units. Which should also make for challenging yet vivid gameplay.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Dynasty Mode Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux and Mac)

Characters in Dynasty mode are legendarily powerful. So this means they will have access to a range of unique abilities. Starting from healing buffs to area based attacks. Which can also level droves of soldiers at a stroke.
As your enemies fall to the might of your heroes. They also grow in strength and size over time. With generals taking to the field of battle every third wave in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

Do note, the Dynasty Mode challenges the player to create different character classes. Those that will complement each other in battle. Giving you a chance to quickly destroy the enemy. While still surviving to fight off future waves.

More details on Dynasty Mode, check out the Total War blog here.

Stay tuned for more details from Feral Interactive regarding horde style arcade mode.

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