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Three more games added to Humble Indie Bundle 7


Opening up emails this afternoon, voila, more games added to the Bundle. Check it out, Three more excellent games in Humble Indie Bundle 7The Basement CollectionCave Story+, and Offspring Fling!


If you’ve already purchased a bundle, these three glorious games are already waiting for you for free on your download page. If you haven’t picked up a bundle yet, pay over the average price to receive this amazing bonus content! These games (all with soundtracks!) join the original seven items below:


Humble Indie Bundle 7 is now packed full of 9 games, 1 movie, and a hoard of soundtracks, bringing the total value of the bundle to $170! These amazing items are DRM-free and ready to play on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can optionally be redeemed on Steam (if you purchase for $1 or more). Linux users can also redeem select titles on the Ubuntu Software Center! charities

Bundle buyers can also benefit the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, two amazing non-profits working hard in the name of gamers across the globe.


Humble Indie Bundle 7 will only be live for six more days, so pick up your bundle now!

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