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Throne of Lies celebrates one year anniversary

throne of lies celebrates one year anniversary linux mac windows

Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit the indie hit announces major changes and one year anniversary for Linux, Mac, Windows. Since we are now going into the social-deduction game’s second year on Steam. In a recent patch on the game’s one-year anniversary. ToL developers have completely revamped the game’s 3D character models. Along with adding a variety of additions for the v2.0 anniversary patch.

In order to properly celebrate, new pieces of ornate armor and weaponry are being forged. Now part of the castle’s fires to mark the occasion. Members of the adoring public also plan to celebrate their love of the crown. This includes with new classes, animations, additional emote slots and deathnote colors.

In addition, Castle Adiart will be decorated for the event with several revamped rooms. While all members of the community celebrate the tremendous event.

The revamped models fulfill a goal that Imperium42 Game Studio (i42) has talked about since release. While the Throne of Lies game mechanics have refinement and new classes, items, emotes and deathnote colors. All new additions throughout the first year. The games visual style stay the same. Since changes made in early Beta.

i42 continues the promise to deliver free updates for life – essentially, free DLC’s (Downloadable Content / Expansions).

To further celebrate this accomplishment with 50,000 other players. Throne of Lies will be on sale for 50% off for the first week of October!

Throne of Lies Happy One-year Anniversary (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Throne of Lies is a mafia-style social deduction

. This also enhances the genre with over 40 classes, 100+ abilities, online multiplayer. Including 3D visuals, vibrant lore, royal classes, multiple evil factions and a well-balanced conversion system. This makes every game contentious until the end. So it is a throwback to the days when friends could gather around. Then stab each other in the back.

New changes and Features:

  • A New class: The Chronomancer (+Converted Timesnatcher)
  • New class: The Maid (+Converted Handmaiden)
  • Revamped models
  • Emote (gesture) slots upped from 1 to 3 slots
  • And so much more!

The game challenges players to use their in-game abilities. And personal deduction skills to find the traitors seated at the round table and has found itself on the Twitch Top 10 with over 27,000 concurrent viewers and recently saw over 2,800 unique players in a single 24 hour span. The game also features an active community on Discord with 13,000 members on the official Throne of Lies server (complete with invite/spectate features) .

The game’s developers, i42, is a small, independent studio with just eight developers (two programmers) working on their flagship title from around the globe. Throne of Lies came to prominence early last year when it launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $20,000 to finish development before launching in September 2017.

One year anniversary:

Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit will be discounted 50% for the first week of October on Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Since the one year anniversary sale starts tomorrow.

To learn more about Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit, visit or follow the game on TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

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