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Through the Kill Screen adventure RPG out soon

through the kill screen adventure rpg game out soon on linux and windows pc

Through the Kill Screen adventure RPG game out soon on Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the unique and creative efforts of indie developer James K. Isaac (Green: An Orc’s Life). Working to make its way onto both Steam and Itch.

The Numbered Entity Project: James K. Isaac unshackles his new adventure thriller-RPG Through the Kill Screen. Which will be available soon. But, can anyone survive beyond the final level? Can you?

This is the basis of Through the Kill Screen. Which is due to arrive on Windows PC, but also, Linux.

I do intend to have a Linux port. RPG Maker MV seems to have a simple deployment option for it.

Previously, developer James K. Isaac had an issue with a Unity 3D game. This of course caused some element of concern. So before issuing a Linux build, wants to make sure the port works correctly. Doing so without complication. This means we should have a day-one release, provided the native build works as expected. But it is coming.

About Through the Kill Screen. Which will have you dive under the mops of coffee-filled grannies after dinging their doorbells and dashing off. Cower the bully hordes with deft agility in the great Thumb Wars. Prize the unbreakable code of best friends as you conquer the newest arcades. You also work to defeat final bosses and reach the ending levels with single 10 pence pieces.

Through the Kill Screen Trailer

In the small town of Snoring, fueled by blue syrup-ice Slushies, you live your 1980s kid’s life with cheekiness, imagination, and finger speed. Until someone in the neighbouring town of Mogford achieves the unthinkable! Whispers tell of a kid who broke the kill-screen, who went beyond the final level and uncovered something…monstrous!

Through the Kill Screen is an Adventure RPG with horror/thriller elements. While you take on the role of Leon, a mischievous boy enjoying his 1980s childhood. Who also finds himself in the Naughty Corridor awaiting an ear-bashing from the evil Head Teacher. Imagine a bit of The Goonies, War Games and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off mixed with the great RPGs Mother, Undertale with a dash of Lisa: the Painful. So you’ll be somewhat prepared for a colourful and sinister quest through small town Britain. In a world full of curiosities, fun, and danger. Through the Kill Screen is a journey quite different from anything you have experienced before.

At times quirky, at times sinister and tense, you’ll use your powers of CHEEKINESS, IMAGINATION, and FINGER SPEED. Doing so to progress through an adult-run world. Make friends, free corrupted townsfolk and stand up to the 8-bit nightmares plotting behind that final kill-screen. With multiple endings, your actions decide how your character grows up and what consequences result from their quest. All this, to the sound of amazing chip-tunes by some of Youtube’s most talented composers.

Through the Kill Screen, adventure RPG is releasing on April 20th, 2022 on Windows PC. But, Linux is also in the plan. Due to be price at $5.99 USD / £4.79 / 4,99€ on Steam and Itch.

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