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Tidal Tribe god game has a release date

tidal tribe god games release date for linux windows pc

Tidal Tribe the new god games coming to Windows PC, but we have the release date and Linux support detail. Since Sepia Rain just released a new trailer. And the games coming to Steam soon.

Tidal Tribe announced that the god game will be available on Steam, July 18, 2019. So if you can’t spend your summer at the seaside. But still want to feel like a kid building sandcastles at the beach. Well, here’s your chance.
Shape the terrain in a world that’s constantly hit by waves. Protecting villages from floods. All while using that very same water to build lakes and rivers. Since you can turn the desert land into a lush forest of trees and bushes.

Linux Support:

“So I’d say the Linux version should now come out in August.”

According to developer Pit Gennari, there was a delay. So that means Linux is still in the roadmap. But will come a bit later. Which is good news, seeing the god games confirmed for Linux.

Tidal Tribe – Trailer (Windows PC, the Linux)

“I’ve always liked building sandcastles and dams. Watch them (and myself) struggle against the power of water”, says developer Pit Gennari, who made Tidal Tribe entirely by himself over the past 5 years. “Trying to catch that experience in a game. Then somewhat evolved into something that’s also about… farming. With different types of trees. That all have different growing conditions, for which you need to provide the right terrain. And NPCs running around, collecting the fruits from those trees. And a full-fledged story mode about 4 kids going on adventures. While trying to understand the world of adults.”


  • Completely dynamic worlds: shapeable terrain, waves flowing through said terrain (and possibly eroding it), vegetation growing depending on the terrain and water, villages expanding and shrinking.
  • NPC AI includes among others: collecting fruits in Tidal Tribe. Satisfying their needs, spending their free time. But also (if necessary, depending on the level and how you play): stealing to survive. Guarding their plantations against thieves, fighting, waging war,…
  • 3 game modes
    • Story mode with 5 main missions. Over a dozen side missions. As well as several minigames and other surprises. Oh, and different endings. However you shape the world, decides what path the story takes.
    • Challenge mode (score attack & time attack) with currently 4 challenges (more to come!).
    • Free game mode: just play in a randomly generated world.
  • Over four hours of original music.
  • Created entirely by one person.

This Campaign in Tidal Tribe, with its several main missions. Also side missions, minigames and more. This does not only allow players to shape the terrain. But depending on how they do it. Also steers the story in a different direction. And may even change how some levels are played. So, if you don’t want to miss the release, Wishlist the game on Steam. The Windows PC release date is July 18th. Priced at $15 USD. But the Linux debut will follow this August.

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