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Tidewoken second playtest is still going strong

tidewoken second playtest is still going strong on windows pc playable on linux

Tidewoken second playtest is still going strong on Windows PC, but playable on Linux. All thanks to confirmation and detail from developer Eternal Wave. Available to check out on Steam.

Indie development team Eternal Wave is eager to welcome you to the second playtest for Tidewoken. The turn-based multiplayer tactics game runs well via GE-Proton 7-8. The developer emailed about the second playtest, confirming details of Proton via Linux. As a result, Linux players can play the game on Steam for free. Just be sure to use the Glorius Eggroll version of Proton.

….got it working with GE-Proton 7-8 and updating his graphics card driver.

In this latest Tidewoken update you can now bring up to 2 characters in your dungeon adventure. Plus you can also add AI-controlled companions for even more help.

Tidewoken Playtest Trailer

Tidewoken is a turn-based multiplayer game. While offering a focus on tactical fights and customizing your character build. The game also includes hundreds of skills, 4 classes, and more than 30 unique perks. Doing so in both PvP and up to 4 player co-op dungeons. All vying to test you in tough battles in tile based arenas.


  • 4 classes with 48 skills each and more than 30 perks
  • 6 dungeons for up to 4 players. including multiple difficulties and dungeon modifiers
  • Basic casual 1 vs 1 matchmaking
  • Custom lobbies for PvP with 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3
  • First version of the arcade gamemode Cauldron Ball
  • Achievement missions with rewards
  • A basic tutorial

Tidewoken will remain in testing phase for the upcoming months. While adding new features and more polish to the game. Players can sign up for the playtest directly on the Steam, extended to March 9th. This is impressive, since gameplay combines many layers like theory crafting and tactical gameplay. As well as impactful positioning and team building.

Tidewoken will releases on Windows PC on Steam in 2022. Which will also be playable via Proton. The price is yet to be announced. But is shaping up to be a solid game.

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