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Tidewoken turn-based battle arena native port

tidewoken is a multiplayer turn based battle arena is due to get a linux port after windows pc

Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn based battle arena that is due to get a Linux port after Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Eternal Wave. Working its way onto Steam Early Access this year.

Indie development team Eternal Wave is eager to announce the playtest. Introducing their first title Tidewoken, a multiplayer turn based tactics game. The game is playable on Steam for free until February 4th, 2022. Which is only available on Windows PC for the moment. But there is also hope for Linux support in the future. While offering up potential via Proton for Linux players.

Official Linux support will probably be ready on full release.

According to the Discussions comment, will have Linux support for Tidewoken. Which is due to make its way onto Early Access soon. Due to remain in development for 6 months. Taking in player feedback and adding more content as well as polishing. All developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Players can sign up for the playtest directly on the Steam page of Tidewoken. Which should work via Proton for most people.

Tidewoken is a turn-based multiplayer game. Focusing on tactical fights and character build setup. The game includes 192 skills, 4 classes, and also more than 30 unique perks. It features both competitive PvP and up to 4 player co-op dungeons. While offering brutal battles in tile based arenas.

Tidewoken Playtest Trailer

Explore new monsters and bosses with up to 4 players in Tidewoken co-op dungeons. Easier difficulty settings allow you to have a fun and more casual gameplay together. While the harder difficulty is due to test well prepared teams.
Each dungeon features one or more bosses which will test you. While using an array of skills, each playthrough is due to be a unique experience.

Playtest Features:

  • 4 classes with 48 skills each
  • 6 dungeons for up to 4 players, including multiple difficulties and dungeon modifiers
  • Basic casual 1 vs 1 PvP matchmaking
  • Custom lobbies for PvP with 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3
  • Achievements with in game rewards
  • A basic tutorial

Tidewoken multiplayer turn based battle arena launch on Steam in 2022. The price is yet to be decided. But the game is due to arrive first on Windows PC. Then on Linux with the full release.