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Tim Schafer and Notch ‘are talking’ Psychonauts 2

Double Fine confirms Notch was serious about funding arrangement

Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is engaged in talks with Double Fine director Tim Schafer over bankrolling a sequel to the critically acclaimed title Psychonauts.

“Tim and Marcus are talking. Who knows what might happen?” a Doublefine spokesperson told Eurogamer on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day Persson made public his desire to fund the Phsychonauts 2 project, following Schafer’s recent revelation that various publishers had turned down the offer to bankroll the game.

Schafer is a veteran designer of adventure games and founder of Double Fine Productions. “Notch” is known primarily as the creator of Minecraft.

Psychonauts launched in 2005 to critical acclaim, but sparse sales.