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Time2Game Game Contest

Game developers, listen up! This is an opportunity for you to use the best of your abilities in this competition for fame and prizes. In this game development contest participants will be given two months to create a game. Game entries will be posted on our website, The contest will begin on October 1st, and end on December 1st. After the contest ends, three judges, all members of the Time2Play0 team, will decide on the best game based on specific criteria and our level of personal satisfaction. We will require at least 10 submissions. The winner of the contest will receive $15 dollars CAD into their Paypal account. The grand prize winner will also get their game published on our front page, mentioned on our forums and other social media locations. You may create a game of any genre you wish (some examples are strategy, shooting, action, adventure and racing), using any tools/programming languages. The game may be downloadable or embedded on the webpage. We accept only one submission per person/group.

For more rules and details please visit: https://www.time2play…c/time2game.php. For questions, concerns and submissions please email [email protected]. Make sure to check the specific submission format on the contest page.

Feel free to ask questions about the contest at any time. Good luck to all participants!

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