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Tinertia platformer throws you into the action with rockets but no jumping


Anyone who’s #mastered the art of rocket jumping should feel at home in TinertiaCandescent Games‘ 2.5D platformer swaps traditional #controls for a twin-stick set up, with the left stick dedicated to #movement and the right for aiming rockets. No worries if “total rocket novice” is an accurate description of your aptitude though, because Tinertia arms its players with unlimited ammo.

Rocket Jump in any direction. Shoot at your feet to move upwards or shoot to the side to gain speed. Shoot everywhere, all the time, Infinite ammo for the win!

As detailed on its Steam page, Tinertia shares a name with its hosting planet, an abandoned locale that’s now run by an AI called A.R.C.. Players will propel themselves through more than 80 levels, with eight bosses offering additional challenges beyond conquering gravity via explosives. Physics is awesome and so are explosions. Master the controls to manipulate your momentum and go fast! Use your rockets to overcome deadly obstacles, escape robot bosses, and find your way home. Your speed is only limited by your skill.


  • 8 Unique Environments
  • 8 Robo-Bosses
  • 80+ Challenging Levels
  • Speed Run and Rocket Challenges
  • #YOLO Challenge
  • Unlockable Skins
  • Leaderboards and Replay System

Controller Support

  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation DualShock 3
  • PlayStation DualShock 4
  • Logitech F310

Tinertia has an Early Access version is available now for $14.99 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While the final release is expected sometime in February 2015.  A big kudos to Candescent Games for their support and taking extra time in development for a solid final release.


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