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Tiny Football due to make its way onto Linux

tiny football classic top-down football game is coming to linux and mac with windows pc

Tiny Football classic top-down football game is coming to Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to further feedback from developer Martyn Bissett. Which is available via Steam Early Access.

MicroProse and Martyn Bissett are both proud and happy to announce Tiny Football via Early Access. Due to remaining in development for 6 months. This is a game where you have to tackle, Pass, and Shoot your way to the back of the net. Due to be played on the Couch or Online.

I hope to put out to Linux at some stage, and Mac too.

So we have some good news for Linux via Tiny Football. On top of that, developer Martyn Bissett is also an Ubuntu user. Plus the game’s also developed via Godot. Yet another win for open source.

Tiny Football is OUT NOW

Tiny Football is a throwback to old top-down retro soccer games of the 90s. Master the art of passing and shooting, tackles, crosses, and throw balls. Along with overhead kicks, free kicks, and more. Compete with 64 national and club teams in a variety of tournaments. Multiplayer focused (hotseat and future support for Steam Remote Play).

Rich gameplay and real challenge comes together by sharing user control with AI assistance. Due to produce passing and shooting based on individual player ability. The randomness of passing and shooting, even when playing against AI, will still have an impact on player behavior. Along with ‘fluke’ goals give added excitement to Tiny Football.

Each squad member has their own skill levels. You can pre-select players before a match. As well as substitutes during a match when they are tired. In-match injuries will force substitutions. Sent off players and player suspensions will force players to shuffle team selection adding a managerial feel to tournaments.

Additional features include goal celebrations, player protests, extra time, and penalties. Play with a friend (controller and keyboard) or the computer.

Tiny Football classic top-down football game is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $12.99 USD / £10.99 / 12,79€, along with a 30% launch discount. Currently offering support for Windows PC, but Linux and even Mac builds are on the way.

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