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Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is Super Mario-like

tiny terry's turbo trip is a quirky and heartwarming game of self-discovery is ready steam deck verified with linux via windows pc

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip a quirky and heartwarming game of self-discovery is ready Steam Deck Verified with Linux via Windows PC. Thanks to the creative genius at snekflat. Due to make its way onto Steam very soon.

Get ready for an epic adventure with Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip, zooming to Steam Deck (verified) and Linux on May 30th. This quirky title from Super Rare Games and snekflat mixes free roaming exploration. Which also includes chaos and some heartwarming fun.

In Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip, you play as Terry, a guy with big dreams and an even bigger goal. Due to blast off into space in his homemade car. It all starts with a simple job application, but things quickly get wild as Terry begins building his ultimate space ride. You’ll also get to explore the tiny town of Sprankelwater. Full of secrets and a bunch of unforgettable characters to meet and maybe annoy a bit.

As you wander around, you’ll collect all kinds of wacky items. But the real excitement comes when you start souping up Terry’s car. By gathering TURBO JUNK, you can turn your vehicle into a spaceship, helping Terry chase his astronaut dreams.

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip – Date Announcement Trailer

This isn’t just about building cars and exploring, though. It’s got a heartwarming story, a joyful soundtrack, and tons of laughs. It’s the perfect title for anyone looking for a fun, chaotic adventure.

Key Features:

  • Explore Sprankelwater: Check out this densely packed, tiny open-world town however you like. Go slow or fast, on foot, in your car, or even by paraglider!
  • Hilarious Interactions: Meet and chat with the quirky folks of Sprankelwater. You never know what funny or heartwarming moments you’ll uncover in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip.
  • Collect and Upgrade: Gather TURBO JUNK to upgrade Terry’s car, boosting its capacity and making it space-ready.
  • Fun Activities: Catch bugs, dig holes, smash up cars, get rich, and even find some nice hats to wear.
  • Great Soundtrack: Enjoy a cheerful and heartwarming soundtrack from the composer of Wuppo.

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip the quirky and heartwarming title is due to launch on Steam Deck and Linux via Proton on Steam, May 30th. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for a new adventure, this title promises loads of fun and excitement. Don’t miss out on Terry’s wild quest to reach the stars. Priced at $17.99 / £14.99 / €17,49.

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