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Tiny Thor platformer launches on Proton

tiny thor retro platformer game launches on proton for linux with windows pc

Tiny Thor retro platformer game launches on Proton for Linux with Windows PC. Asylum Square has worked tirelessly to create an amazing experience, alongside testing to ensure everything is just right. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Gameforge has teamed up with a small developer called Asylum Square to bring you Tiny Thor. It’s a 16-bit pixel platformer, so it offers that old school look from the past with solid graphics and pixel art. And its also playable on Linux.

In Tiny Thor, you get to play a character who is a young god with a mighty hammer, mini-Mjölnir. With this mighty hammer, you’ll go on a magical adventure through 36 levels. Since each level has a different world that you have to explore, filled with enemies and puzzles to solve.

To defeat the enemies and overcome obstacles, you’ll need to use your hammer in clever ways. You can throw it at enemies and objects, and it will bounce back to you. It’s like a boomerang. Which comes in handy when you need to hit things that are far away or hidden behind walls. You’ll have to aim true and figure out the best way to use your hammer’s powers.

Tiny Thor – Release Trailer

As you progress in Tiny Thor, you’ll come across big boss battles against famous characters from Norse mythology. Such as the Kraken and Loki. There are tough challenges that are due to test your skills.

One of the features about Tiny Thor is that it has an old-school feel to it. The graphics are created by an artist who’s been making pixel art for a long time. So it has that retro look that some people really love. And the music in the retro platformer is due to give you that nostalgic feeling too.

So get ready to step into the shoes of the mighty, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and have a blast in the magical world of Asgard. It’s time for some hammer-swinging, puzzle-solving action! Enjoy the retro platformer game.

Right now, you can play Tiny Thor via Windows PC. But according to Asylum Square, “it works fine with Proton”, via Linux. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $17.99 USD / £15.07 / 17,99€, including the 10% launch discount.

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