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Tinytopia city builder confirmed for support

tinytopia miniature city builder game is confirmed for support on linux with windows pc

Tinytopia miniature city builder game is confirmed for support on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer and publisher MeNic Games. Due to make its way on to Steam this summer.

The physics-based, city building sim Tinytopia catches my attention. Since gameplay has players create and manage the playful worlds of your childhood imagination. Working from bite sized burgs to huge cities. While doing it all in miniature form.

So as the Mayor and mastermind of Tinytopia you’re free to craft vibrant locales. Since this allows for a range of charming toy like structures and tools. Develop quaint communities and attract new residents. All due to growing them into bustling cities with soaring skylines. Build your creations and protect the tiny citizens from everything. Ranging from natural disasters to monster attacks, even your own fatal schemes. Tinytopia delivers an amazing experience on a tabletop scale. Due to being as challenging or relaxing as you like.

Tinytopia | Preview Trailer

You can also top that off with the recent Linux support confirmation in the Discussions post.

Got some good news for you:
Linux support should be ready to go at launch (release date announcement coming soon)!

Definitely some good news for Tinytopia, which still does not have an official release date. But at least have Linux day one support on the way.

With the Olympics in full swing, MeNic also reveals the Tokyo level for Tinytopia. You can check out details on the Steam page. Maybe even take a virtual tour of an ultra kawaii tiny toy version of Tokyo.


  • Big Goals, Big Cities, Miniature Pieces: Create the city of your dreams. Keep the Tinytopia city happy, the economy humming, and the skyline beautiful. And do it all with a wide array of toy like miniatures and tools.
  • Craft Happens: As Mayor and Chief Architect, stack and combine building blocks. This will let you form amazing mega structures! Play around to unlock more than 80 new structures!
  • A Smashing Good Time: Protect your tiny citizens from disasters like tornadoes, fires, monster attacks, UFOs, and more. Or flip a switch and watch it all come crumbling down!
  • Balance. Plan. Play: Prove your building excellence and put your skills to the test. Try out Tinytopia’s physics based Challenge Levels or play through the campaign. Then recreate real world cities like San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and more!

Tinytopia city builder is due to release this summer. Along with day one support for Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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