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Tinytopia city builder quietly releases native support

tinytopia toy city builder game quietly releases linux support after mac and windows pc

Tinytopia toy city builder game quietly releases Linux support after Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer MeNic Games. Available on both Steam and GOG, along with 89% Positive reviews.

We are eager to announce the release of developer MeNic Games’ one of a kind toy city builder. Tinytopia is now available on Linux beside Mac and Windows PC. Also coming in hot with some very positive reviews. While delivering a playful combination of traditional city building with replica cities like NYC and Tokyo. As well as toy inspired challenges. Due to featuring bike pedals, a coin pusher, and more in this Unity 3D game.

As the mayor of Tinytopia, you’ll build amazing toy towns and cities. All for your citizens, so you can protect them from all sorts of cute disasters. Use toy building blocks to create awesome megastructures. Then transform charming villages into bustling big cities. Tinytopia delivers a broad experience on a tabletop scale. One that’s both challenging or relaxing on Linux.

Tinytopia Launch Trailer

Tinytopia gives you full creative control of the city building process. If you want to stack houses on top of one another. Cool! A skate park on top of a skyscraper, go for it. Discover Blueprint plans to unlock greater mixes and structures to reach new heights. Tinytopia offers a totally unique range of physics based gameplay. Since this challenges you with creative builds and scenarios. Balance cities on a seesaw, keep a town stable on a spinning turntable. Yeah, its literally all here. Which also furthter explains the 89% Positive reviews. That and it runs well on Linux too.


  • Big Cities, Miniature Pieces: A playful blend of city building and physics based challenges. Plus some very satisfying ruin, should you choose. Use a collection of toy structures, tools, and services. Tinytopia lets you create your own digital desktop destinations. Doing so across 24 levels.
  • Craft It Bigger & Better: With an unique, physics based mechanic, and miniature building blocks. These can be combined and stacked on top of one another in Tinytopia . All due to form awesome mega buldings! There are more than 80 building blueprints to discover!
  • Balance. Stack. Plan. Play! Looking for a challenge worthy of a mayoral mastermind like yourself? Tinytopia’s Challenge levels are full of amazing fun scenarios. They willa also test the limits of your planning and balancing skills. Including both timing and creativity.
  • A Smashing Good Time: Protect your tiny citizens from disaster. Due to events like tornadoes, fires, monster attacks, UFOs, and more. Or flip a switch and watch it all crumble down!

Tinytopia is available now on Steam and GOG. Although there is no Linux build on GOG yet. But the games priced $14.99 USD with a 10% launch discount for a couple more hours. This is certainly a toy city builder game you will want to check out.

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