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Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 for Linux, Android, PC, and Mac


P.I.S.D. Ltd. has announced the release of its boxing simulation, Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013. TBCB features thousands of real boxers, with the ability to re-stage classic bouts or create “What if?” scenarios, such as pitting Sugar Ray Robinson against Marvin Hagler. TBCB can also be used to forecast upcoming fights.

P.I.S.D. co-founder Paul Norman said: “I am thrilled to see the release of Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013. The game has been a labour of love for me, and I know boxing fans everywhere are excited about it. Whether players want to recreate the early days of boxing or see how modern day matches might end differently, TBCB 2013 offers something for everyone.”

Title Bout Championship Boxing also features Top Ten lists, complete statistics, revised and multiple ranking systems, full editing capabilities, and much more. Trainers, corner men, and referees are all part of the simulation, adding an extra dimension of realism.

Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 adds many new features, including: enhanced radio-style commentary; more realistic crowd noises; pseudo-animated fighters who throw punches, clinch, and get knocked down; ring girls who parade between rounds; organisational rankings; the ability to import multiple images of each fighter, as well as pictures of famous boxing venues; a revamped auto-scheduling tool; and much more.

About P.I.S.D. Ltd.

P.I.S.D. Ltd. is a small independent software development team founded by two experienced software engineers with years of games development experience. It was set up in 1994 with the idea of creating a usable multi-platform C++ development libraries that are available for licensing to third party developers.

Games that use P.I.S.D.’s libraries include the company’s own Title Bout Championship Boxing series, as well as Out of the Park Developments’ Out of the Park Baseball for PC/Mac/Linux/iOS and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager Handheld for iOS and Android. More information is available at

Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 sells for $19.99 for two licenses, with a $10 discount if the buyer owns any previous version of the game. The game runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. iOS and Android versions of TBCB 2013 are in development. More news about them will be released soon.

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