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To Hell with Hell crawler port coming “in the future”

to hell with hell crawler linux port coming in the future

To Hell with Hell crawler is coming to Early Access for Window, but we have good news for Linux. Since publisher Deck13 and developer Lazurite Games are eager to announce the release.

Linux port:

“Unity is being used. A Linux build might follow in the future for sure.”

So there you have it. Which is also just that simple. More action, gore and violence incoming. Even though we do not have an official Linux port release date yet. The play style has my attention. And with all of this violent gore in the mix, you would think Devolver would be the publisher.

To Hell with Hell is heading into Early Access for Windows PC. Which is also a tongue-in-cheek, pure bullet hell experience set in… well… Hell. You slip into the role of Natasia, a stripper on her way to work when the literal apocalypse breaks loose. Your task now is to escape from Hell – no matter what the cost.

To Hell with Hell crawler Teaser Trailer (Windows, Linux in the future)


  • Masks! Since you’re wearing a bikini you should probably cover yourself behind masks (super effective!), transforming you into a knight, a demon or even a clown.
  • Tons and tons of weapons! You can even use a unicorn to slay your enemies (SERIOUSLY!).
  • Hell. For real. But also other places… because reasons.
  • Randomly generated levels – you’ll never know what to expect after each and every death. And there’ll be lots of deaths.

Are you ready for the opening of the gates of hell? Prepared to walk through and start kicking some demon ass? To Hell with Hell will be launching into Early Access sooner than you might think on July 19, 2018. All hell will break loose and you’ll be thrown smack dab into the fight against the hordes of Lucifer.

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