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Toast Time brings arcade action to Linux and SteamOS


Toast Time is a #throwback to the golden age of video games where old-school homebrew titles fused #arcade action with a distinctly British sense of humour. An appetising arena #shootemup garnished with tower-defence elements and served warm with awesome-sauce (probably syrup). Force Of Habit have updated their appetizing action-arcade arena shooter & breakfast-defense mash-up to release it for SteamOS & Linux.

Toast Time was praised at launch for it’s innovative movement mechanics and it’s zany, over-the-top humour spread throughout. It has been available worldwide on Steam (for PC & Mac) since August, on iOS since February and on Android since September 2013.


Game Description:

Toast Time is a throwback to the golden age of video games where old-school homebrew titles fused arcade action with a distinctly British sense of humour. Inter-dimensional time-blob beasties have sailed the cosmos in pursuit of spare time, and now they’ve found it, tasted it, on an idyllic Monday morning.

Assume the role of TERRY (toast-ejecting recoil & reload system), a humble and solitary toaster with an uncontrollable love for English breakfasts, hats and scheduling.

Tap to launch toast, crumpets and magnitudes of other breakfast paraphernalia at the beasties. Bounce around and crush them with your hot metallic mass. Tip over bins, and use the environments to your advantage. Drink a little coffee and go a little crazy. Do everything it takes to defend toast time – you are Monday morning’s final hope. Have your toast and eat it.


Features List

  • 54 action-packed missions.
  • 16 exciting bread-based weapons.
  • Iron Man survival mode & bonus COFFEE TIME mode.
  • Loads of colourful hats and customisations.
  • Addictive and original gameplay mechanics.
  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Stats, Cloud Save & Trading Cards.
  • Super-slick audio and calibrated soundtrack – each level has its own piece of music!



How does Toast Time play on Linux?

Exceptionally well. Right away the game launched in the proper monitor in full screen. But we were taken back by the controls, we expected a game controller or keyboard mapping to take place, which was not the case. Instead a brief tutorial took you through the essentials when you start playing the first level, making the experience that much more intriguing. Teaching you how to use your toast launching to gain height and control your character, making a well thought out experience while you try and navigate each level.
Of course the gameplay and level design grows increasingly challenging earlier on. You are thrown into experiences that look daunting, but with an expected completion time designated for each. So you level up quick enough, capture bonus items in each level, while also being faced with more challenging adventures as you do so. And how you tackle those levels is up to you. The more unlocks you capture, the better the experience. All in all making your game that much more intriguing, or frustrating, depending on your take. Toast time really captures big retro gaming in this small title on Steam.

Game History

Toast Time was in development since Force Of Habit began in September 2012. The Android version was released in September 2013; the iOS version took a further 6 months (part-time) to develop and was released in February 2014. At almost a year since the initial release (and almost two years since development started), the game is out now on Steam for Linux, Mac & Windows PC.

About Force Of Habit

Force Of Habit is a tiny independent games studio of two who experiment and explore their creativity. Started in Bristol (UK) in September 2012, they’ve self-published 3 titles, participated in 10+ game jams and contributed to more than a dozen “work-for-hire” projects. They’re currently working on  Friendship Club with their artist-pals Clockwork Cuckoo.


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