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Together for Victory the first expansion has a release date

Together for Victory the first expansion has a release date

The British Dominions and Commonwealth states take centre stage in Together for Victory. As a result of the #firstexpansion for Hearts of Iron IV. The hit World War II #grandstrategy war game from Paradox Development Studios. Hence #Paradox set a release date this week for the brave offspring of the Empire to show off their new uniforms.

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This expansion is not only the first for Hearts of Iron IV. While this sets the model for many future add-ons. Bringing new detail and gameplay options to nations outside of the great powers. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Raj of India have been given unique National Focus trees, more leaders to choose from, and a selection of industrial corporations to add extra color to your experience.

Game Designer Dan Lind has enlisted to present a short video summarizing what you can expect:

Together for Victory also includes:

  • New Autonomy System: Subject states are not merely puppets, but can have a range of action. Dominions, Puppet States, and Colonies can either work their way to total independence.
  • Spearheads: A new order simplifies breakthroughs in land invasions
  • Continuous Focuses: Choose a National Focus to boost your nations capabilities over time, prioritizing one aspect of your military machine over another
  • Alternate Histories: Each of the Dominion nations has alternate history branches. Lead South Africa to a Communist revolution that will end segregation but alienate Great Britain. Make Canada a Fascist state warily eyeing the giant to the south.
  • Tech Sharing: Cozy up to an advanced great power and take advantage of their research progress to accelerate your own development.
  • Combat Log: Extensive details on the performance of your divisions in battle are now available for you, Commander.
  • Request Lend Lease: Ask for assistance from across the seas in the form of lend lease, adding new vehicles and equipment to beleaguered armies.
  • New Art: New portraits for new leaders, old leaders have some portraits redone, and new unit designs and event pictures make their debut.

So Together for Victory is just days away. Get ready to mobilize your inner army. While you prepare for an even wider perspective on the world’s darkest hour.

Together for Victory details are available on Steam. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC on December 15, 2016 for $14.99 USD at major digital retailers, including the Paradox Store.


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